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French webhosting outperformer o2switch joins TWS

SAS o2switch (“o2switch”), the fast-growing French webhosting provider, joins Total Webhosting Solutions (“TWS”), the European platform of local webhosting companies. This transaction marks a key milestone for TWS in building a market leading position in France.

Clermont-Ferrand, September 21, 2022 – Founded in 2009 by Alexandre Yepes, o2switch has a clear mission to offer the ultimate webhosting experience. With their unique “unlimited everything” service offering they have become one of the leaders in the sector. The simplified and transparent hosting solution is a major success in France and has led to unrivaled growth of the highly satisfied customer base. The success of o2switch and the customer loyalty is easily explained by their superior product, high-quality customer service and the ability to establish a trusted connection with customers.

Clearly the strategic vision and focus leading to o2switch’s unique value proposition was key in outperforming competition in recent years. This was created by a team of passionate technicians on a mission to drive innovations every day. The company has a completely in-house developed and managed datacenter & webhosting infrastructure and uses advanced technologies to provide excellent solutions that meet the needs of any business looking for the ultimate webhosting solution. 

Alexandre Yepes, founder o2switch: 
The last couple of years we have grown exponentially, and we now serve more than 100.000 unique customers. The business is still growing well above market averages. Although we continue to see plenty of potential and have the feeling that we are just getting started, we also believe this is the best moment for us to join a European platform like TWS. Together we can professionalize and grow o2switch even further. We also believe we can capture a leading role in the upcoming consolidation of the French market. That is why we are very excited about the partnership. We look forward to working with our new international colleagues and build the best European hosting company together.”

For TWS this is the first mass market webhosting acquisition in France, after the acquisition of French managed webhosting company Nexylan last year. The European webhosting market is consolidating at an accelerated pace and the TWS-model proves to be a winning formula in this rapidly changing market. After successfully consolidating the Dutch hosting market and following its expansion in Spain, this second French acquisition bolsters TWS’s market leading position in France.

Abe Bakker, CEO of TWS:
o2switch is one of the best hosting companies in Europe and I’m therefore very happy to have them join our group. This ambitious and passionate team of technicians is operating at the forefront of the industry, creating a natural match with TWS. Their stellar performance is mainly driven by word-of-mouth growth and the excellent reputation they have in the market. We are impressed by their track-record and enthusiastic about the opportunity to support their continued growth. Together with Alex we will further strengthen our position in France. We are pleased that Alex and his team are joining the TWS-family.”