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A New Era for Heart Internet, joining Your.Online

Leeds, 04 April 2024

In a strategic partnership poised to reshape the landscape of webhosting in the United Kingdom, Heart Internet Ltd. (“Heart Internet”), a premier UK-based webhosting service provider, has proudly announced it is joining Your.Online, a leading European platform of local webhosting companies. This transaction marks Your.Online’s first step into the UK market paving the way for further acquisitions to strengthen its position in the UK

Founded in 2003, Heart Internet has built its reputation on a foundational promise: to offer unparalleled webhosting services grounded in exceptional customer care and trust within the UK. This joining forces with Your.Online is a testament to Heart Internet’s unwavering dedication to that promise, reinforcing a shared vision of elevating customer satisfaction and trust to new heights.

In an era increasingly dominated by global conglomerates, Heart Internet and Your.Online stand together in their commitment to maintain close ties with their local customer base. By focusing on personalised, UK-based service and ensuring that the heart of the internet and hosting services beats stronger and more vibrantly than ever. Through this partnership, Heart Internet and Your.Online are not just expanding their geographical footprint; they are also fortifying their position with a robust strategy that prioritises customer-centric values.

“I am happy to be back at Heart Internet with the support of Your.Online. I am excited about what the future holds for Heart Internet, and I am committed to make that future a reality. We are very excited about this new chapter and are confident that together with Your.Online, we will unlock new opportunities, drive unparalleled success, and continue to serve our valued customers with excellence.”

Craig Cotter, CEO of Heart Internet

This is our first acquisition in the United Kingdom and an important next step in realising our Pan-European ambitions. Our journey, marked by 45 acquisitions across the Netherlands, Spain, and France, is a testament to our ambitious vision and robust growth strategy. This strategy to build the leading European online services company is fuelled by a blend of organic and acquisitive initiatives and continuous expansion into new European regions. We are very pleased to welcome Heart Internet into the Your.Online family and we are poised to work together with Craig and the entire Heart Internet team to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory. Our collective efforts will be channelled towards ensuring an independent and thriving future for Heart Internet and not only maintain but enhance the esteemed legacy that Heart Internet carries in the UK hosting market.

Abe Bakker, CEO of Your.Online